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Birthing is a beautiful process and I want to help all mothers experience the beauty of this life changing experience.
As a Doula, I am trained to assist birthing mothers and can apply comfort measures to alleviate challenges in labor. By using body movement, deep breathing and connecting with her womb, mothers can endure the birthing process with minimal medical interventions or a natural birth. 

As a Registered Nurse, I can work with your Midwives and Doctors to ensure a favorable and safe birthing experience for mother and baby. I also provide you with knowledge about birthing and breastfeeding to empower you on your journey of Motherhood.

I believe that after a woman journeys through the birthing process, she should be nurtured and celebrated.

As a student of indigenous African post partum care, I provide quality services in the home for women to promote rest and healing.

After birthing, I assist in the home as needed to ensure a smooth transition into your new role as a Mother. We aim to ensure mothers feel safe, loved, nurtured and celebrated after giving birth.

Please contact me to discuss services.